Provided Services

  • Passenger Transportation

    Quick and safe transportation for individuals or groups using cars, minubuses and buses with air-conditioning.

  • VIP Transportation

    Luxury transportation including above-standard services (Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Hummer,…).

  • Action and Fun Events

    Ensuring of social business and private events (paintball, golf, go-karting, rafting, all-terrain vehicles, bobsleigh, shooting, …).


Passenger Transportation

Our policy is based on tradition, long-standing standard and our customers‘ satisfaction. Our offered services we specialize in include both passenger and van transportation opportunities. Furthermore we assure various cultural and sporting events.

For ensuring transportation just for small groups we recommend you to order minibuses with capacity from 7 up to 31 persons. Minibuses are ideal for school or business events, summer holidays etc. If this size is not sufficient for you, choose the bus with capacity up to 78 persons depending on the event targeted. We guarantee high-quality transport standard with professional drivers. All microbuses and buses rentals are for reasonable prices. For your comfort all our vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning or heating suitable for transportation during all seasons of the year.

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